• 2 5/8”- Medium Size – comes in 2/3/4 Piece Configurations
  • 3 1/8” – Large Size – comes in 3 And 4 Piece Configurations
  • 4 1/8” – Jumbo Size – comes in 2 And 4 Piece Configurations


Cherry Bomb / Black Widow / “Wiseguy” Blue / Gunmetal / Copperhead / Dealers Green / Silver Fox / Purple Haze / GoldenHigh

PATENTED S.R.G.T. ( Serrated Rotary Grinding Tool )

J GRINDERS has developed a patented S.R.G.T. design which will mill your herb to a perfectly fluffed grind, while supplying opulent amounts of pollen. At our production facility, we use state of the art CNC machines to produce precise dimensions to create these working pieces of art. Having the serrated edge ensures the strength in the grinding process and eliminates the possibility of breaking teeth.


J GRINDERS uses a 60 as well as a 100 micron 316 Stainless Steel precision woven screen in each of our 4 piece grinders, providing a superb separation between your herb and pollen. These screens are ultrasonically cleaned to ensure no cross contamination between your product and the syphoning material. It lets you separate and collect dust at its purest form. Each screen is secured with a stainless steel screw maintaining the form of the screen while securing it in place. This screw can be easily removed or tightened with the guitar pick provided with each grinder.


J GRINDERS uses the highest quality magnets on the market. These superior N52 rare earth neodymium magnets provide extreme strength with lid closing capabilities as well as accidental spillage. These triple layered Nickel-Copper-Nickel magnets are strong, durable and protect against chipping and corrosion.


J GRINDERS uses a process called anodizing to completely seal and harden your grinding surfaces to create a safe and protective layer both inside and out. Each grinder is thoroughly washed in an acid bath, then passed through an electrolytic solution making the aluminum the positive electrode. Then a chemical reaction occurs resulting in aluminium oxide. It is a non hazardous, non toxic process which hardens the aluminum and increases its grinding capability and performance.


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